ERP will success by complying ERP software with business requirements

Zakir Hossain

Business Analyst | 31 March, 2019 (Sunday)View 1244

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project is most difficult task. Different companies have different business types. Their processes & products are different. Even their people & cultures are not same. Therefore, ERP is implemented in different companies in different ways. About 75% ERP Projects fail to meet expect results as most of the ERP cannot fulfill business requirements. To get success in ERP, an organization must setup or configured according to business processes. To integrate ERP software with business processes, below things must be performed

Current process Analysis

An organization must have clear & complete idea, what are going on. Without current process analysis, it is not possible to understand where improvements need to be done. Therefore, to understand current processes, process mapping must be done for all business scenarios. By process mapping, an organization will understand current business information flow, involved people along with their contributions and used technologies in the business. And analyzing current data, organization can identify where processes are broken, where information is stuck, what are the problems and also identify the improvement areas. If an organization fails to identify the current scenarios & problems, it will never be able to improve business processes as without knowing the present, planning not possible for future.

Identify actual & complete business requirements

After mapping current processes & identifying problems, an organization must

  • Identify the improvements
  • Redesign the business processes to achieve those improvements,
  • Set the standard processes by following best practices
  • Reset up people responsibilities.
  • Change organizational Policy
  • Change people mindset

Each & every business requirement must need to be clear to the organization, otherwise it will never be able to integrate the business processes with ERP software. In new design, all business scenarios must be covered and related business processes must be integrated seamlessly to flow accurate information flow among them. If any broken link in the business processes, organization will never get the actual & complete benefits from ERP software.

Ensure all business requirements are fulfilled by ERP software

An organization must set up or configure the ERP software according the business requirements. If ERP software is not configured based on business processes, it will fail to satisfy the business requirements and organization will not get the actual benefits from software. At the end, ERP software will be obsolete and burden. Therefore, an organization must consider business processes first then software.


To define actual & complete business requirements and configure the software based on requirements, an organization must have smart Business analysts. Only the Business analysts can integrate the business processes with ERP software.