ERP project will fail, If ERP software cannot satisfy actual business requirements

Zakir Hossain

Business Analyst | 02 April, 2019 (Tuesday)View 953

ERP project never gets success, if business processes are not connected, information is not circulated properly among the processes and business requirement are not satisfied by software. Below are true stories about ERP

Software will not provide expected results

If an ERP software is not setup or configured according business processes, all business scenarios will not be covered. In this case, software will fail to satisfy the business requirements and organization will not get the expected results from software. At the end, ERP software will be a data entry tool.

People will reject ERP software

Without analyzing the current scenarios, standardizing business processes and identifying the actual & complete requirements, if a software is configured then it will not provide accurate data. People will not rely on the software and they will not trust the software data. Finally, People will reject the ERP software.

Garbage data will be increased in Software

Without identifying actual requirements and standardizing the data, If an ERP software is deployed, unnecessary data will be input in software. Therefore, software will be full of garbage data.

Increase data entry time & effort

Configure an ERP software without connecting different processes, it will fail to connect information flow among the processes. Information visibility will not be possible to different processes. As a result, same information will be input in software at different times. At the end, data entry time & effort will be increased which will not be accepted by people.

Management will not get expect data to take decision

If software is implemented without establishing standard processes & best practices, it will provide wrong and garbage data. And management will not be able to use data from software to take decisions which is really frustrating to them.

ERP project will be overbudget & time

ERP is very expensive project. If an organization fail to manage the project and to configure & customize software based to business requirement first time, cost & time will be overrun. Because it will need to be reconfigure again. Also, processes will need to be reorganized. At the end 1 million dollars project will become 15 million dollars project.


Without complying the software with actual business requirements, ERP never gets success. By configuring the software based on business requirements, an organization can get real & actual benefits from ERP. Otherwise, million dollars ERP project will be waste.