Most of the Bangladeshi manufacturing companies fail in ERP, but they don't know why?

Zakir Hossain

Business Analyst | 09 April, 2019 (Tuesday)View 1536

Most to the Bangladeshi companies are not getting expected results from ERP software. They are investing but can’t control their business by ERP

Fail to define actual & complete business requirements

Without defining actual & complete business requirements, companies are trying to deploy ERP. As a result, they are not getting success. Because, they

  • Don’t know what business requirements are needed
  •  Have no Idea about how to accomplish those in software.

Just buy an ERP software and deploy it without proper business analysis and waste money.

Fail to integrate business requirements with software

Most of the companies don’t know, how to integrate business requirements with ERP software. Because

  • Current business processes are not analyzed completely
  • All business scenarios are not identified for software
  • Reengineering are not done to improve business processes
  • Standard processes & best practices are not followed accurately
  • Different business processed are not connect seamlessly
  • Software is configured or set up without identifying actual & complete business requirements and connect business processes

Fail to choose suitable ERP software for their business

If a company fails to choose ERP software wisely. It will not get expected results. Maximum company choose generalize ERP software instead of specialized software of specific business. And, it becomes impossible to fit the software with business requirements.  As a result, software requires huge amount of configuration & customization which leads the ERP project to over budget and increase failure rate.

Management fails to contribute

About most of the companies’ top management people have no idea what is ERP. They even don’t know how ERP work which is really frustrating. They think that ERP is a software, just buy & implement an it and all problems will be solved magically. As the end, they fail to contribute in ERP implementation and fail to promote ERP software to internal employees.

Dependency on external software consultants

About all of the companies hire external software consultants to implement ERP. They don’t invest on their internal consultants (Internal project team). They fully depend on external consultants. But it’s not possible to know full company’s information for external consultants and they fail to define actual & complete business requirements. At the end, external consultants can’t ensure success.


Companies’ management must know about what is ERP and how it works. They must need to identify their actual requirements and choose ERP software based on their business requirements wisely.