You forget almost everything you learned in the university - because that knowledge is not practical!

Bulbul Ahmed

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More than 80% of the total export of Bangladesh is coming from the ready-made-garment (RMG) sector.

Many textile engineers, industrial engineers, other engineers and non-engineers’ people are working in this sector. Almost all of them will agree with the title of this article without any hesitation.

University Curriculum is not focusing the Garment and Textile sector

  • Bangladesh is the 2nd largest Ready-Made-Garment (RMG) exporter in the world. But the university curriculum is not focusing on this sector.

  • There are some Textile Universities which teaches the technical knowledge. But the rest of the universities are not teaching anything about Textile/Apparel

  • As an Industrial Engineer from the Top university of Bangladesh, I learned almost nothing about Textile/Apparel manufacturing during my graduation. But most of my classmates and myself are working in Textile/Apparel industries.

The above points are not a good sign for the future of Bangladesh.

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The university is not teaching the basics of manufacturing

I would like to explain this by 2 examples.

Example 1

We are learning MRP and MRPII in the university. But we always fail to implement these practically because we don’t have these basics in place such as

  • Bill of Material
  • Inventory Stock data
  • Routing steps with processing times

The developed countries have already implemented these basics 70-80 years ago, that’s why they can go to the advanced techniques like MRPII. For Bangladesh, we have to start implementing the basics first. Unfortunately, the universities are not teaching us how to go step by step.

Example 2

We learned a lot of techniques about forecasting. But in real life, we will never be able to implement that in Bangladesh. Because our industries are not even properly recording its daily material receives and issues transactions. So how can we think about advanced forecasting models and formulas if we are unable to know our current stock?

These types of lessons should originate from the universities. University should teach how to link basic things together to go for the advanced tools.

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So, what needs to be done?

Here in this platform 360 Business Analyst, we are sharing the practical knowledge that is relevant to the Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh. However, the other parties also have to take initiatives.

Initiative 1: Universities should invite Industry Professionals to teach their students

Yes, the true industry professionals have a lot of knowledge to share. The universities should invite them to teach the students. Not just for one or two seminars, it should be for series of classes.

The professional can share how to implement the basics and gradually start working on the advanced techniques like MRPII and ERP.

The industry also can invite the Faculty professors and show their achievements, how they have implemented the improvement tools and techniques practically. On 2016, Liz Fashion Ind. Ltd. invited faculty professors from Top 11 universities of Bangladesh and showed how the manufacturing basics and best practices are implemented practically.

Initiative 2: Syllabus should be updated and related to Bangladesh Economy

The syllabus should be updated so that it focuses the Garment and Textile manufacturing as it covers more than 80% export of Bangladesh. The students should already get the required knowledge for their future career.

Here, the Professors should work with the Industry Professionals and update the curriculum. If needed, they should write books together that is related to Bangladesh and Practical for our Manufacturing sector.


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